Career In Estate Agency?

Inside EA: A Behind the Scenes Look at How Estate Agents Operate

Inside EAEver wondered what a career selling property would be like? Meeting new people every day, getting out and about seeing different houses and flats – not stuck behind a desk in the office. Dressed smartly, driving a shiny new company car and earning big commission on your sales. Sounds like a great job doesn’t it, but is it really like that?

Well now you can find out exactly what an estate agent’s work involves with this new book by Steve Lucas. Based on his experience as an agent, working in the ultra-competitive London housing market, the author provides readers with a real insight into the world of estate agency. Lucas worked for different estate agencies selling property across the scale from repossessed studio apartments to plush executive homes, in good and bad markets. He explains the different types of estate agencies and how they operate.

Readers get a detailed look at the set up of an estate agency, from staff hierarchy to the various roles, duties, salary and commission structure of managing directors through to trainee sales negotiators. You’ll also learn just how fierce competition between rival firms can be as well as how strict performance targets in some companies can lead to infighting amongst their sales teams.

Among the other topics covered:

  • Working hours of an estate agent
  • How different estate agencies pay their sales negotiators
  • Staff training – are qualifications required to work as an estate agent?
  • How estate agents appraise (not value) prospective clients’ properties
  • The way viewings are scheduled and conducted
  • Personal safety when showing properties to prospective buyers
  • The lengths some agents will go to in order to beat their colleagues and rivals to a sale
  • All about repossessions and how estate agents sell such property

Throughout the book, Steve Lucas uses real-life scenarios to illustrate his points, and the final chapter includes a collection of humorous stories about the strange things some estate agents and members of the public have done at property viewings.

Take a detailed look inside the world of estate agency with this informational and entertaining book

Available now in paperback and Kindle versions