Property Buyers

Inside EA: A Behind the Scenes Look at How Estate Agents Operate

Inside EAAuthor Steve Lucas uses examples from his many years in the industry to teach property buyers how to best navigate this sometimes complex process.

Buyers learn the best way to communicate with an estate agent to ensure they’re informed of new properties as soon as possible. They get a detailed look at how agents negotiate and handle offers and the psychological manoeuvring commonly used to close deals. Buyers will also learn what “gazumping” is; who instigates it and how to avoid falling prey to it.

Drawing on his experience in marketing repossessions, the author explains the procedure for selling such properties, including what type of buyer they’re sold to. He also describes how some agents manipulated the system for their own gain and why repossessions are not always the bargain buys people mistake them to be.

The subject of investment property is also discussed with tips provided on how to spot a good deal and the various sources for obtaining them. The age old question of whether estate agents save the best investments for themselves is also answered.

Other topics of interest to buyers include:

  • How to register with an estate agent
  • Estate agents, buyers and the internet
  • Learn how estate agents categorise prospective buyers
  • Find out why agents consider some buyers to be strong and others to be time wasters
  • How to buy a repossession, understanding 7-Day notices, Public
  • Notices and Sealed Bids
  • What is a probate property sale?
  • The scheduling of viewings and how they are conducted
  • How competition between rival estate agents, and colleagues in the same firm, can jeopardise your purchase

Inside EA is essential reading for property buyers in England and Wales. By shining a light on the estate agencies themselves, author Steve Lucas reveals valuable information that will assist you when dealing with agents to buy your new home. The real-life examples provided throughout the book are extremely helpful and often quite humorous, too.

Get an insider’s view of how the estate agency industry operates with this informational and entertaining book

Available now in paperback and Kindle versions