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Inside EA: A Behind the Scenes Look at How Estate Agents Operate

Inside EAAn insider’s guide to buying and selling property in England and Wales. By shining a light on the estate agencies themselves – based on his extensive experience in the business – author Steve Lucas reveals valuable information that will help you navigate this complex process.

Among the topics Lucas covers are how to find the best estate agent and how to avoid working with the worst. He reveals the tricks of the trade and psychological manoeuvring agents commonly use to close deals

By reading this book, property sellers will better understand the many factors that go into pricing, marketing, and scheduling of viewings, as well as the setting of commissions. Sole agency and multi-agency agreements are explained and the pros and cons of both carefully examined.

Other points covered by the author include:

  • How estate agents appraise (not value) prospective clients’ properties
  • Do estate agents overprice properties?
  • Different forms of advertising – estate agents and the internet
  • Estate agency fees – how much should you pay?
  • Why you should or shouldn’t have a FOR SALE board outside your home when selling?
  • Important information your agent must provide when presenting you with an offer on your home?
  • Get a detailed look at property chains
  • How competition between rival estate agents can jeopardise the sale of your home
  • Find out what some estate agents get up to in their clients’ properties!

Throughout the book, Lucas uses real-life scenarios to illustrate his points, and the final chapter includes a collection of humorous stories about the sometimes zany behaviour of both agents and their clients

Inside EA offers advice that ethical estate agents want their clients to hear, but it also details questionable practices by those who prefer that buyers and sellers remain ignorant. Inside EA contains vital information anyone selling a property in England or Wales needs to know in order to get the best from their estate agent and the best price for their home.

Take a detailed look inside the world of estate agency with this informational and entertaining book

Available now in paperback and Kindle versions